Laser Acne Treatment - Acne Scar Reduction

Laser Acne Treatment

Laser Acne Treatment

Laser acne treatment can improve the appearance of acne blemishes, as well as acne scarring, to achieve a more radiant complexion. There are numerous causes for the formation of acne, including your genetics, hormones, diet, stress, hygiene, and overall lifestyle choices. These factors can result in the clogging of pores, which may lead to inflammation. Laser and light-based technology can treat the root causes of acne by targeting acne-causing bacteria, clogged pores, and oil-producing sebaceous glands. Acne scars from past breakouts can be treated using laser resurfacing techniques which clear the initial layers of damaged skin to make way for healthy skin cells. Laser acne treatments are minimally invasive, require little-to-no downtime, and can be completed in a series of sessions, making them a highly sought-after choice for patients bothered by frequent breakouts and inflammation. Additionally, laser acne treatment may be an ideal option for patients seeking an alternative to oral or topical acne medications. Lasers can treat breakouts on all areas of the body. Many patients undergo laser acne treatment for the face, neck, or back.

Laser Acne Treatment At A Glance
Can reduce acne blemishes for clearer skin
Resurfaces skin to improve acne scars
Can shrink oil-producing sebaceous glands that contribute to breakouts
Minimally invasive laser & light-based treatments result in little-to-no healing time
Can treat all areas of the body, including the face, neck, and back
Alternative to oral acne antibiotics or topical medications
May require multiple laser acne treatments for optimal results

Your Laser Acne Procedure

Laser acne treatment is usually performed in-office, but patients can also be treated in an outpatient surgical facility, if necessary.

When treating breakouts or inflammation, the acne laser will be positioned over the target area and your plastic surgeon will deliver concentrated laser or light energy to clogged pores and oil-causing sebaceous glands. Heat from the laser eliminates acne-causing bacteria and shrinks sebaceous glands to improve oily skin.

When treating acne scarring, laser energy is delivered to the surface of your skin to resurface the initial skin layers. Damaged skin cells are shed by your body over time and are gradually replaced by new, healthy skin cells. Laser energy also encourages the production of new collagen fibers under the surface of your skin, leading to firmer-looking skin texture. Laser skin resurfacing can make acne scars less prominent.

Laser acne treatment may be combined with other forms of acne treatment, as well as different skin care techniques to achieve a smoother skin texture.

Laser Acne Treatment Details

Laser Acne Treatment For Inflammation Laser Acne Treatment For Acne Scars
Eliminates bacteria that causes inflammation Resurfaces the initial layers of your skin to remove damaged skin cells
Shrinks oil-causing sebaceous glands that contribute to breakouts New, healthy skin cells replace the initial skin layers
Clears clogged pores to reduce buildups of oil (sebum) and dead skin cells Encourages the production of subsurface collagen fibers to enhance skin structure

What To Expect After Undergoing Your Laser Acne Treatment

Laser acne treatment and acne scar removal require minimal recovery time. Mild redness and sensitivity around the treatment site(s) are common in the weeks following your laser acne procedure. Patients are advised to avoid sun exposure and tanning, while making sure to properly moisturize and clean the target area for optimal healing. Your plastic surgeon can discuss further post-care timelines and instructions during your consultation.

Laser acne treatment can achieve long-lasting enhancements to skin texture by targeting the root causes of breakouts. Additionally, acne scar removal can produce clearer skin for a more radiant complexion in the months following treatment.

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Laser Acne Treatment
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