Body Lift After Weight Loss - Post Bariatric Surgery

Body Lift

Body Lift

A body lift is a comprehensive surgical procedure that can target sagging skin and excess fat around the abdomen, arms, back, breasts, thighs, and buttocks all in one treatment. The body lift may be especially effective for patients who have recently lost a substantial amount of weight. While the commitment to a healthier lifestyle is a great achievement, it may also pose some aesthetic concerns. Weight loss methods target excess fat, but not sagging skin. As a result, drooping skin is often left behind after substantial weight loss. Additionally, muscles may need to be tightened in order to fit in with your newfound physique. Body lift surgery reshapes hanging skin at the midsection, arms, back, breasts, and inner / outer thighs, while also augmenting the buttocks. Stretched abdominal muscles can also be tightened for a flatter-looking result across the lower body.

Body Lift At A Glance
Reshapes hanging abdominal skin and corrects abdominal muscles that have been stretched
Repositions lax skin around the inner and outer thighs
Removes excess arm skin and reduces the appearance of “bat wings”
Sculpts the back by reducing bulging and hanging skin
Can add lift to the breasts for youthful-looking results
Lifts the buttocks by injecting your body’s natural fat cells to add volume
Can achieve a symmetrical-looking lift across the entire body
Can complement weight loss results and enhance natural curves

Your Body Lift Procedure

Your body lift may be performed at an outpatient surgical facility or a local hospital, depending on the extent of your surgery. Your body lift plastic surgeon can target any or all of the following areas during your procedure.

Abdomen: Incisions are placed underneath the bikini line to remain hidden. Stomach muscles are tightened and positioned closer together. Any hanging skin can be redraped or removed to eliminate bulging. Additionally, pockets of stubborn belly fat can be extracted to promote a slimmer midsection.

Back: Excess skin around the upper, mid, and lower back can be removed or repositioned. Incisions are placed inconspicuously to remain hidden beneath your clothing. Bulging around the lower back and flanks can also be treated for a firmer-looking lower body.

Arms: Incisions are made across the arms. Hanging skin around the upper arms is excised and sculpted for firmer-looking, slender arms. This reduces arm bulging, also known as “bat wings.”

Breasts: The breasts can be surgically lifted to improve drooping and sagging. Incisions are made along the breasts and can extend downward, depending on the specific breast lift technique being utilized.

Thighs: Incisions are positioned around the thighs to remain hidden underneath your clothing. Lax thigh skin is lifted and tightened to reduce sagging. Excess skin can be removed, as can fat deposits at the inner and outer thighs that contribute to love handles.

Buttocks: Excess fat cells are taken from a donor location with ample fat (usually the abdomen or thighs) using liposuction. Tiny incisions are made and a small cannula is introduced under the skin. Fat cells are carefully extracted and prepared to be inserted into the buttocks. Your body lift surgeon will then inject your natural fat cells around the buttocks to improve volume and achieve a lifting effect.

What To Expect After Undergoing Body Lift Surgery

Patients can expect swelling and bruising around the abdomen, thighs, back, breasts, arms, and buttocks after undergoing a body lift. Recovery time will ultimately vary according to the extent of your procedure, but patients can usually return to work after 1-2 weeks of healing time. Exercise and any strenuous activities should be avoided for about 4-6 weeks after your body lift surgery. Your plastic surgeon can give you further details regarding your body lift timetables and recovery.

The body lift is a comprehensive body sculpting procedure that can address skin laxity to achieve long-lasting body symmetry. You can expect to see body contouring results in the months following surgery.

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Body Lift
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